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The Video Boom During COVID-19

Updated: Mar 19, 2021

Before the pandemic, video was already solidifying it’s place atop the marketing/media mountain. Now more than ever people are turning to video options for their business. Not only that, but we as a people have become accustomed to a video option as it’s now a part of our daily life. We’ve really enjoyed helping clients tackle these new problems with creative video solutions. In many cases a video solution was the key for many business to stay relevant in these tough times. Keeping their services accessible and their customers connected and informed.

Fourth Wall Ramps UP

Since the pandemic, we have expanded our offerings to accommodate our clients growing needs. From facilitating recorded conference calls for team members unable to attend, to creating video instructional courses in place of previous in-person classes. One of our most rewarding partnerships was helping a Health System deliver information to patients, create courses for staff, and provide a video option for large conferences that were unable to take place due to social distancing guidelines.

It’s been a tough year for everyone, but we are so glad to have been able to make a difference for so many people doing something we love.

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